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study in Canada

Each year thousands of students travel to Canada to pursue their education goals. There are many advantages to studying in Canada as you can gain work experience during and after your studies.

You also have many options for you to become a permanent resident if you are an international student who has graduated from post secondary programs in Canada. The changes to the International Student Program allows full-time international students in certain programs that are enrolled at designated institutions to work part-time off campus and full-time during scheduled school breaks without work permit.  Once you apply online you can submit applications for your family members or extend a visitor visa, work permit or study. More than half of the new immigrants are settling in the province of Ontario because it is a place where you can always feel at home.

According to these numbers from 2016 these are the immigrants that came to Canada. 33,036 from China, 11,860 from India, 7,992 from Korea, 3,464 from Japan, 2,996 from Saudi Arabia, 2,998 from Brazil.

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