Refused Cases

If your Canadian immigration application has been refused, there could be a number of factors responsible for that decision.

  • Perhaps you wanted to keep costs as low as possible and hired someone new?
  • Perhaps you thought I will do it on my own?
  • Perhaps a relative who is within Canada offered to do the paperwork for you?
  • Maybe the government worker who handled your case had an argument at home and brought their bad attitude to work that day?

There are many reasons that things could have been decided the way they were. As your appointed legal representative we can stand in your place and get things reviewed, reassessed, and a new decision made in your case. As in all things we do our goal is to provide you the best representation that we can and to get you the goal you desire in place.

An important thing to note is that as long as a review or application of any kind has been filed the client can remain in Canada and continue their daily life until a final decision is made. Even then, under most cases, an application for review can be made unless the person has been deemed to be a danger to the public (for example having been deemed as a terrorist).

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