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The easiest way for anyone to reach us is through clicking the reply button to send us an email. Others use the link on our website at:

Our firm is registered, licenced, etc. For example Mr. Manu Datta (MD) is licensed through   I.C.C.R.C. Membership Number:R 409559 and the CIC (Canada Immigration Commission) to work as a registered immigration consultant.

Those who desire to come to Canada for work would follow these steps. You can see general information here at:

First you need to fill in the online form at:

Then you would click on the link for our rates page. This shows what we charge for our services:

For example to do the paperwork and act as your legal representative before Canada Immigration for a work permit we charge $790.00

It takes roughly six to eight weeks for us to hear back from Canada Immigration whether they see the persons skills as needed and in competition to those already within Canada. We have several firms who have already been granted an LMIA (a labour market exemption for foreign workers). We can use one of these Companies when we file for your work permit.

Once we get the response from the Canada Immigration Commission the person applying would need to submit the fee for the government people to do their part of the work. You can see a list of the CIC fees at:

The Federal government fee for a work permit is:

Work permit (including extensions) – per person              $155

The person applying would submit the fess through our website. Simply scroll down the page to the link for Work Permits and submit the fees through Paypal to us. That way as long as the information submitted in the application form is accurate and there is nothing hidden such as a criminal background if the visa is not granted we would provide the with a full refund of all fees paid through our firm.

If you would like to do so you can also become an affiliate with our firm. Doing that we would give you a code you can use to receive 20% off of our fees. You can also earn 20% of the fees those you refer pay for their own visas through our firm. They simply put a note in the webpage upon applying that they were referred by you and the code for the referral. Once we see that fee for that person is paid we submit to you the commission for the referral.

What most people do not understand is that a work permit is just that, a work permit. It authorizes the person to work anywhere within Canada. So if they do not like the work they started with when entering Canada they are free to look for, and switch to, any other job they desire. As long as the person who has entered Canada is working CIC has no problem with that person and their family staying within Canada.

Once they have been within Canada for three months immigrants within Canada can file to bring others to be with them. Be they a wife, son, daughter. Anyone who is a blood relation as distant as a second cousin can come to be in Canada with them. The government will look to see if their sponsor has committed any crimes while in Canada, if they are working, do they understand English or French well enough to take care of their own day to day needs. If the CIC is satisfied with that then the CIC will grant a visa for each family member that they desire to sponsor to come to be in Canada with them.

There are many people where the family pools their funds so that the first person can come to Canada. Then each three months the person here applies for one more family member to come until everyone who wants to be here has arrived.

I hope this answers your questions. Please feel free to write to me if there is anything else you would like to know.

With respect,

Gordon Davis


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