Stay out of the United States! Abuse by TSA Agents at airport security

Please be aware that Canada has many differences from the United States. Here questions are asked and people are screened when there are questions or concerns. But it is nothing like America. Here below you will see videos and news reports of what is occurring on a daily basis in the United States.

Please, if you want to enjoy the lifestyle, education, and work experiences available to everyone, come to Canada and stay out of the U.S.

For those of you who want to watch here are some of the many videos about TSA (the U.S. Transportation Safety Authority) and airport security within the United States. Also be aware that they want to bring their version of “security” to those traveling between different States in the U.S. as well.

Awkward Airport Security Moments – TSA Abuse

The people screening passengers at American airports can do anything they want without excuse simply because they decide to do so. (Be aware that the maker of the video have inserted cartoon images into the video to try to lighten the shock and images of the video. But the video has many shocking images.)


Look at what is being covered up in Airports in America

People ORDERED TO drop their pants, open their bras, “cavity searches” where they insert their fingers, and flashlights up inside women and into the rear of men and children because the security people claim they “are looking for drugs and bombs. ”


Meanwhile TSA (Transportation Security Agency) agents are using drugs on the job. If you forward the video to 2 minutes in you can see what they do with a 2 year old boy who needs leg braces to walk. Agents let a person carrying a bomb go through security on Christmas day. While a 4 year old child was ordered to remove his leg braces and then told if he can not walk through security he could not fly on the plane.

If you forward the video to 3 minutes and 13 seconds in you can see where a woman was arrested, strip searched, and spent a year in jail, in court, paying for lawyers, going before 2 different judges in court. What for? She wanted to carry a clear plastic container of apple sauce with her on the plane for her 93 year old mother to eat. Because she could at least eat that with her dentures.



And there are more…

Close Encounters Of the TSA (Part 2) “people Targeted” When is it to much?

TSA’s outright Molestation of passengers


Please stay out of the United States. Come to Canada and enjoy the freedoms we have here. No one should be put through the things that America chooses to do to abuse people there on a daily basis. I believe that “the home of the free” has gone straight to hell. What do you think?


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