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Our company has a referral program. So each person who uses a referral code that we provide to you and pays their fees gets a 20% discount from their fees and the person whose fee they use gets an amount equal to the 20% given to the person applying for a visa through us receives for the referral. So the more people you refer the more you earn.

1) We have several companies that we are already working with who have looked for employees within Canada for many months. As they can not find people who are trained and willing to do the work for the wages they are offering those companies have applied for, and many have already received LMIA papers from the federal government. That frees them up to hire workers who are looking to enter Canada into the workforce here.

To get an LMIA each company has to look for a suitable worker and then apply to the federal government. That takes roughly 18 months. As I said different companies are already pre-approved and have received LMIA papers for different positions they are looking to fill. Those positions need only have suitable workers lined up to fill the positions within the companies.

A work visa can take 4 to 6 months depending whose desk it lands on and how high the pile of paper on their desk already is. Government workers here are union so they work at their own special pace. 🙂

The worker does not pay for the LMIA. The company looking for the employees is the one paying those fees and getting approval. The worker only applies for a work visa, and any family visas, needed by them. If anyone has told you differently they are probably pocketing the funds you give them for the LMIA. Be careful who you trust. We are the only ones who put it in writing that you get your visa or you get your money back.

2) People pay when they register for us to do the work. If they want to fill out the form at: We can see if they match anyone who already has an LMIA. If they agree to go with our firm they pay the fees through us when they register.

3) Any paperwork between the person who wants to come to Canada is private and personal. Our company will not give out any papers or information to anyone other than the Federal Immigration people and the client that we work for. Under no conditions will anyone who works here give out copies of government or private papers or personal information to anyone except the person that those papers are for.

4) I believe I have already explained about the referral program in a previous blog.

5) Any funds paid to us for doing work is paid to us through paypal. That way we have no information about credit cards or bank numbers. If a company can accept payments through paypal that shows that they are reputable because anytime a service is not provided by a company the client can simply let paypal know and all that companies funds on paypal are frozen. A very good reason to be reputable and a good proof that any firm is reputable is that they can accept payments through paypal.


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