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If anyone wants to join our affiliate program please let us know. Anytime a person uses your referral code they get a 20% discount on the services they apply for. As well you get that same 20% as your commission once they apply and submit their fee to us.

Once accepted into the referral program you will be given a code number. You can choose what you want that coupon code to be. Then you tell others about our services and watch as your commissions roll in while they await their visas. You can even use the referral code yourself to receive the discount and the commission for your own visa application!

If you want more information you can download a copy of the CIC_Referral_Information document.

Remember when someone you refer becomes a client of

  • when they pay their fees they get a 20% discount for using your referral code.
  • Also once they have paid their fees the person who referred them gets 20% of the clients fee given to them as a reward!

Remember for each and every client you refer to us you get 20% of the fee they would have paid before their discount as soon as they register and pay the fees. We can then remit that 20% you have earned for the referral to you through Remitly. That way the funds are in your bank that same day.

For example: Service for a Spouse Visa would cost the client $1,910.00 Canadian

They use your referral code and save 20% ($382.00) so they pay only $1,528.00

And you get the $382.00 Canadian sent to you that same day through Remitly straight to your bank account or paypal. Whichever you choose.

You could earn a living getting referrals and those you refer should be grateful for the money they have saved.

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Affiliate Program