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Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has a new electronic system called Express Entry to manage applications for permanent residence under certain economic immigration programs.

What is the Express Entry System?

Government of Canada launched Express Entry in January 2015 – a new electronic application management system involving the federal government, provincial governments, and Canadian employers. Participation in Express Entry will be mandatory for all economic immigrants under the Canadian Experience Class, the Federal Skilled Worker Program, and the Federal Skilled Trades Program, although optional for Provincial Nominee Program applicants. Candidates eligible to immigrate to Canada under a federal economic immigration program may enter the Express Entry pool. Consequently, the first step is to determine your eligibility for one of these programs. Candidates for Canadian permanent residence who are eligible for one of the federal economic immigration programs make an expression of interest in immigrating to Canada by creating an online profile. They provide information about their skills, work experience, language ability, education, and other personal information.

The Application Process and Comprehensive Point System Applicants who qualify for one of Canada’s economic immigration streams (see below) will be required to complete an online candidate profile using Express Entry. Applicants will receive points based on a number of factors meant to assess a candidate’s ability to succeed in Canada. A maximum of 1200 points will be awarded as follows:

  • 50 points: If you have a valid job offer in NOC A or B occupation
  • 200 points: If you have a valid job offer in a NOC o occupation
  • 15 points: One or two- year diploma or certificate
  • 30 points: Three years or longer degree, diploma, certificate or for a Master’s, professional or doctorate degree of at least one year
  • 600 points: For Provincial Nomination Certificate
  • 110 points : Maximum 110 points for age and it varies with age
  • 160 points: For Official language proficiency and it varies with the score

Candidates with the highest score in the pool will be issued an invitation of apply for Permanent Residency, and after getting an invitation, they will have 90 days to submit an online application of permanent residence.


Stage 1- Express Entry Pool profile creation: You will have to fill out the forms with all your information (work experience, education, age, etc.). At this point you do not have to provide supporting documents. However if you do not fill the forms properly your application could be disqualified later. If your profile is accepted then it will be in the Express Entry pool for up to 1 year. We make sure that all the forms are filled accurately in order to avoid any future problems for misrepresentation, errors or omissions.

Stage 2 – Permanent Residence Application: Immigration Canada will choose the best profiles according to a points system and other factors (such as occupations in demand) on average once or twice a month. If you are invited to apply, you will have only 60 days to submit your Permanent Residence Application online.  All the supporting documents must be submitted and they must be consistent with the forms that you submitted in Stage 1. Since you only have 60 days to submit your application we have implemented a priority system to deal with the Express Entry cases. According to Immigration Canada, once they have received your complete application they will process it within 6 months.


Note: If you have a job offer, your employer must process an LMIA. A “Labour Market Impact Assessment” ensures employers have made an effort to hire Canadians. For this type of LMIA, the government does not charge a fee.

A job offer with an LMIA strongly enhances your chances to be invited to apply for Permanent Residence when draws take place. Click here to learn more 

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